Pussy Or Fussy? Cat Courier Considerations

Cat shipping is one of the complex subjects for most pet owners, to handle. Since cats are extremely choosy animals, so most people Cat shipping is one of the complex subjects for most pet owners, to handle. Since cats are extremely choosy animals, so most people experience sheer difficulties in relocating them. 

Air conditioning, relaxing light, space to move, veterinary services, and even remote supervision of the owner, via satellite. These are some of the characteristics of professional door-to-door pet transportation services.

In the past, cats weren’t treated distinctively as if they were objects, without necessities when owners had to plan a long trip. Pet shipping companies are well aware of the fact that pet owners pay because their furry friend is well cared for and in a space where their pet feels safe and well catered.                      

Kitty Travel Safety Guide


It is advisable to make an appointment as soon as possible so that all the necessary vaccinations can be effective during the trip, to avoid motion sickness in cats.  If the anxiety is extreme, the use of drugs correctly dosed and prescribed by a veterinarian can considerably reduce the stress of the cat. Also, being more soothed, the animal will be less prone to injuring themselves or others. Thus, a visit to the veterinarian before departure will not only make it possible to verify that your cat’s vaccines are up to date, but above all its health can also be assessed by experts, and, hence the means of transport can also be determined by them on examining their physical and mental condition. Besides, the professional can give you additional advice on how to preserve the well-being of your companion.


Pet transport companies must meet various requirements to ensure the welfare of the animal during the trip.

  • A trip is enjoyable if your furry pal is at ease. Therefore, the safety of your beloved pet is essential. This is the main objective of the companies that carry out this type of transfer.
  • The safety of traveling dogs and cats is essential, and they must carry a GPS tracker to avoid losses
  • The animal is always supervised by its keeper and a GPS locator is placed on them. This device allows the animal to be found in case the cat or dog escapes and goes astray because animal owners who have to travel without them are often concerned about their pet’s safety and well-being.
  • Air conditioning and music for the traveling dog is such a facility that keeps your furry friends entertained.


  • Transport vehicles for the transfer of dogs and cats can count on all kinds of comforts, to make the animal feel calm and comfortable during the journey. It is a matter of finding out about it before hiring the service.


  • Dog and cat travel companies offer air conditioning, music, stops every four hours during such a trip, and the lighting that encourages the animal to travel in a relaxed. Besides, they have a veterinary service and comfortable carriers, which allow them to move properly.


Pet transport companies allow the pet owner to follow the trip via mobile phone. New technologies and innovations are being implemented by pet relocation companies, and therefore, door to door service is one of them. In this way, these companies inform the pet owners regarding the whereabouts of their pets.

They also provide timely information about the expected time of arrival at the destination point and even send photographs of the furry traveler during the journey to keep the pet owner well informed about the pet. SMS and emails are the tools used to keep owners updated about the trip.

International Pet Transfers

The logistics and means to transport a dog from Sydney to the United States, as an example of a long and complicated journey, must be adequate to avoid incidents along the way. The dog or cat must arrive at its destination point relaxed, healthy as well as safe and sound.

Some companies carry out this type of international transfers. To do this, they work with airlines that accept dogs and cats. And then they arrange for hotels for your furry pals. In this way, during the stop your pussy can relax, walk, drink, and be attended by a veterinarian, if necessary.

Questions To Ask A Potential Pet Travel Coordinator

  1. Where will my pet travel? Are they in cabin or in the cargo hold, separate from luggage.
  2. Where will my cat sleep? The animal transfer company makes additional arrangements, if necessary, upon traveling by road with your cat, from the airport to the place where you wait for it. This can be a hotel, boarding facility or pot
  3. Is transportation door-to-door? Pet taxi service and pre-shipment transfers minimize hassle by streamlining the travel process. No matter where you are, a ground pet transporter can pick up your cutie pie.
  4. What supplies are included? A kitty should travel in a secure, escape-proof crate and have access to water. Litter and/or sanitation pads are viable options. Discuss which items are provided by transport company. 


Pussy Or Fussy?

Of course cats are Mercurius in nature, and any change in the environment, whether it in the form of person, place, etc, is challenging for them. They prefer to stay in their place, which is their self proclaimed kingdom.

Consider a new person coming to take your pussy out, would be a different experience for it. Therefore, a trusted pet transport company is fully versed in handling your pussy, without any fuss.

They are well trained on all the routes by which they need to transport your furry pal and try to avoid any bumps or brakes, in the best possible way.

Specific Requirements Of Pet Shipping Companies

Some requirements for the trip of the animal are as under:

The requirements for traveling with pet transport companies varies from case to case. Not all of them accept animals with chronic diseases or those, older than ten years.

Extreme temperatures pose a risk to brachycephalic pets because they have a bone structure with characteristics that make it difficult to breathe, posing the risk of respiratory failure during air transportation.

Shipment companies to safeguard the safety of these pets (dogs and cats) restrict their shipment. Furthermore, animals that give off a bad smell or if they are not groomed, will not be accepted for transport.

Likewise, the owner must provide the animal’s health care, as well as his complete address and pet’s identity inscribed on a microchip. Your pet’s safety is the topmost priority of pet transferring companies, and hiring their services, either for local or international trips, is the best way, you can give your pal a relaxing environment.


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