11 Ways To Make Moving To A New Home Easier For Your Pet

Moving house is a process full of emotions! With the move, we became stressed, tired, anxious, and also, very excited. Like us, pets also go through this roller coaster of feelings! The whole process of how to adapt the dog to the new home requires a certain amount of dedication from the pet owners.

After all, our furry friends live under the same roof for many years, making it their little kingdom. Your friend is already used to the limits, its favorite places, and even knows where the bathroom is! But how to make your animals adapt to a new space?

If you are going through a process of change, don’t worry! We bring to you some of the do’s and don’ts when you plan to move away with your pet in a new home. Keep reading and learn how to make moving to a new house easier for your pets !!!

1-Keep Calm When Adapting Your Pet To The New Home

Dogs are more sensitive than you think. A study by English researchers showed that dogs are great at noticing when their guardian is sad. The test worked as follows: scientists placed pet owners and pets in the same environment.

When its owner was talking, the dog did not care so much. However, when the guardian became sad and started to cry, 83% of the dogs approached to check what had happened.

This is because, your friends are great at reading emotions and will feel whatever you experience. So, take a deep breath and stay calm. In addition to tidying up your new home with more tranquility, it will help in adapting the dog in a new space !!!

2-Hire An Expert Pet Transport Professional

Yes, you heard us right!!! Pro is always better than a newbie, and when it comes to pets, no one can budge me an inch from “entrust your pets under those who love your pets as their family”, philosophy. They will guide you through the ABC of moving away with your pet to a new home. Below we have outlined the services that they can offer.

3-Maintain Your Pet’s Routine In The New Home

Your pet’s love routine. Our furry friends may not even have an agenda, but their system works like a clock. Thus, the pet knows when to get up, when to get food, when to go for a walk, and even when you will get home!

Therefore, escaping the routine is very stressful for most animals. So, no matter how busy you are, try to maintain your pet’s routine. Continue with the meal, then taking it to the bathroom and going for a walk. This will show that changes are not that bad, and a trained pet relocating professional can truly help you.

4. When adapting, Don’t Forget Your Spike’s And Tom’s Items

When preparing for change, there are many commitments! And one of those tasks is to remember your pet’s items. Toys walk, drinking cups, and feeders must be reserved and taken to the new home.

Don’t think about buying everything new! You can even redecorate your new home and change some furniture, but the idea is that the pet items remain the same. This makes it easier when the question is how to make your dog adapt to an apartment or house.

Talk to an expert pet relocating company as they offer their services to train your pet and will ask you to make the necessary arrangements. If your four-legged pal loves to nap on the sofa in the afternoon, wait for a while to change the furniture. Staying in a new environment and such unfamiliarity can cause changes in the behavior of your pets.

5-Persisting Your Pet’s Smell

Of course, every pet owner is concerned with the hygiene of his pet’s objects and frequently washes its bed, blanket, and toys. However, during the moving period, you can stop this habit for a few days. The smell is very important for pets, and they know exactly what the house smell is like.

If your friend has a favorite bed or even a blanket, take good care of it as it will be of great help when it comes to knowing how to adopt a puppy to a new home. The smell of the old house helps a lot in adapting to the new environment for your furry pals. Or you may consider putting the blanket of your furry friend inside a pet mover ( provided by pet transport company).

6. Consider A Hotel Staycation

If the period of preparation for moving is tiring and stressful, it may be time to consider staying at a hotel. The house full of boxes, people running around, and pet owners without any time to play can be very stressful for your pets.

In a hotel, your friend will be accompanied by pet relocation professionals, in a safe environment full of activities. Depending on the case, a few days away from home may be the best option for pets!

7. Prepare An Identification For Your Pets

Even following all the steps above, moving home can be stressful for your pups and kittens. In some cases, breakouts can occur, and you must be prepared for this. Don’t forget to update your pet’s identification with the new address and phone number.

These details can be very important during a difficult time, like an escape. Remember that today it is easy to put a microchip on your pet. This quick and painless procedure helps to identify stray and lost animals. Ask an expert pet transport professional about microchips for your pets.

8. Discover The Boundaries

If you are changing cities or even countries, you may never visit your old home again! So it is important to know the region that will be the new home for your four-legged friend. Find out where there are parks to stroll, which routes are most pleasant for your friend, and which pet store is in your locality.

Thus, it will be easier to establish a routine, buy dog ​​food, and items. When you go out to explore the neighborhood, be sure to take your friend along so that he may familiarize himself with the region! But wait !!!

How are you going to find all these minute details? What about if the new house has rat traps in hidden places? Don’t be scared !!! Because a team of expert pet shipping professionals shall guide you all the way, so you may save your time.

9. Follow Up With The Veterinarian

It is always recommended that your pet has a trusted veterinarian. He will get to know your friend, his personality, and his illness history. But if the change prevents you from keeping the same doctor, ask your old veterinarian for tips.

Also remember that for long and short trips, it is always recommended to do a check-up to analyze your pet’s health and get recommendations for the journey. As mentioned in our previous article.

We recommend you to hire the services of a pet relocation company because most of them offer veterinary services at the expense of just a few dollars, and by offering you multiple services, they save your time and of course, money.

10. Be Patient About Adopting Your Pet To A New Home

Don’t be surprised if the change process is stressful, tiring, and long. Pets are territorial, and space, where they live, is very important. So be patient. It is possible that, in the first weeks, your furry friend may face some problems.

He will also miss the time or place, go to the bathroom frequently, bark more often, or show signs of anxiety. This is common and there is no need to worry!

11. Consider A Pet Shipping Company

Their importance can’t be denied because they can make your pet feel more comfortable and can make him adapt to a new home, very easily. So, you don’t need to worry, and can go ahead to unpack your bags, because your pet is their responsibility, and they will also look out for poisonous rat traps, beehives or other dangerous things in your new home, that can be a potential hazard for your pet.

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