5 Effective Ways to Reduce Cat Travel Anxiety

A large number of causes can be the source of stress in a cat such as disturbances in the cat’s usual environment, emission of sharp or shrill noises, uncleanliness, confrontation with a stranger, or a new pet.

To calm a stressed cat, various natural anti-stress solutions are offered in the market. Plants, pheromones, milk proteins, or homeopathic principles have recognized soothing and calming properties. These different specialties come in the form of anti-stress tablets, palatable mouthfuls for anxiety, powders or oral solutions, anti-stress collars or soothing sprays and diffusers. It is important to help your cat fight stress.

How To Reassure A Stressed Cat?

Analyzing the cat’s living conditions as well as its history helps to understand the factor (s) causing its anxiety. This is followed by anti-stress solutions for cats to relieve it effectively.

Gestures To Sooth An Anxious Cat

On the behavioral level, certain simple rules make it possible to appease and reassure an anxious cat:

• Do not reprimand, shout, or of course hit your cat

• Leave them alone for some time and also offer them small meals during the day

• Respect their territory and give them time to take rest.

Products To Help With Cat Anxiety

Anti-Stress Tablets For Cats

They are intended to reduce the reactions linked to the effects of anxiety, whether or not associated with changes in the cat’s environment (moving, travel, etc.). Most often palatable, plant extracts known for their soothing effects are included in their composition. These food supplements must be prescribed by an expert veterinarian.

Oral Solutions Against Cat Anxiety

As with tablets, these oral solutions are natural dietary supplements with plant extracts prescribed for cat anxiety.

Anti-Stress Collars

Based on the benefits of herbal medicine and aromatherapy, these collars are recommended when the cat’s stress conditions can cause or worsen, hence causing skin disorders. These are the collars that employ two types of principles: aromatherapy or pheromones.

What Are Calming Collars?

These are aromatherapeutic collars so designed for pets, such as cats and dogs to help them overcome stress and anxiety.

Types of Cat Calming Collars

Soothing Anti-Stress Collars With Aromatherapy

Nowadays, people are increasingly looking for natural ways to solve everyday problems. For this reason, the ‘Bella Goella’ collar was born, that is, a collar in non-toxic PVC, with natural oils and essences of chamomile or passion fruit. The idea is to help your pet to overcome stress, naturally, to be less anxious and have a more peaceful life.

The soothing anti-stress collar ‘Bella Goella’ is natural, non-toxic, and suitable for dogs and cats, adults and puppies.

However, the manufacturer informs that, as it is a natural product, its results will be noticed gradually, not immediately.

Soothing anti-stress collar with pheromones

Another way to relieve your pal’s stress is through the use of calming anti-stress collars with pheromones.

“Pheromones essentially function as hormones outside the body, exerting a chemical influence on another living organism,” says Joseph Turk, D.V.M., a veterinarian in Palm Harbor, Florida. Therefore, Pheromones seem to help your pets feel more secure and protected.

Pheromones are chemicals that are naturally produced by animals. They are disseminated among beings of the same species and promote specific reactions in their species, directly influencing their behavior and playing a role in intra-species communication.

Pheromones can also communicate information about receptivity, excitement, social position, and even emotional states and are also used for territorial demarcation. However, there is still a lot to learn about pheromones.

They are so relaxing that pheromones seem to help relieve anxiety in some cats. There are several studies on the use of this type of pheromone. In one of them, cats that were exposed to pheromones were found to be noticeably less anxious in a veterinary hospital. In another, which studied Beagle dogs, it was found that these dogs showed less nervousness during simulated storms.

Is the use of a soothing anti-stress collar sufficient?

Unfortunately, just wearing a soothing anti-stress collar is not enough to treat anxiety, but it does help.

Dealing with anxiety and stress is certainly not that simple. Most of the time, real changes in routine and habits are necessary.

Some Do’s And Don’ts
for Cat Transport

During The Trip

It is important to remember that it is useless, and even dangerous, to remove the cat from its transport cage during the journey by car. Put the calming collar around its neck, to help relieve its stress and strain, naturally.

Once Your Kitty Arrives

Once your cat reaches a new place, you may also want to enable an electric diffuser in your home, accompanied by a soothing collar. We suggest you keep your kitty in a transport box and never to let it explore this new territory on its own, without your monitoring.

PetMove.com Top Cat Products to Make The Move Easier

It’s time to pick out our favorite cat soothing collars, gels, and diffusers. Here we go!!!

  1. ThunderWunders Cat Calming Paw Gel

This gel which is infused with natural ingredients, such as chamomile, oat, and passionflower, is to be applied directly on your kitty’s paw, resulting in a soothed and calmed cat.

Product Information

Brand Name: ThunderWorks

Age Range: For all ages

Warranty: It may be returned within45 days of its purchase with a full refund

Allergen Information: Salmon, soy, and oat

Specific Uses: Suitable for indoors and outdoors

Price: $12.99


• Suitable for cats

• Money-back guarantee

• 100% effective

• Contains natural ingredients

• Calms down anxiety


• It may stink out a little bit

• Some cats are reluctant to use it and may flick it off

• May did not work on some kitties

2. Zyming Calming Collar For Cats

These calming collars are richly infused with pheromone technology, that reduces anxiety, stress, and strain in your pets for a long-lasting and natural calming experience.

Product Information

Brand Name: Zyming

Targeted For: Tamed Cats

Manufacturer: MyGGIT



  • Long-lasting soothing effect

• Made up of soft rubber material

• Comfortable on your kitties due to its adjustable design

• Works continuously for almost 60 days

• Can be used at home or for traveling


• The scent may be strong for some cats

• Some cats may refuse to wear it, so who will bell the cat???

3. Sentry Calming Collar for Cats

   This collar is specifically designed for cats, which are prone to excessive anxiety disorders, therefore resulting in excessive meowing, scratching as well as marking.

Product Description

Brand Name: Sentry Pet Care

Age Range: For all age types

Targeted For: Cats

Allergen Information: Nut-free



Scientifically proven

• Safe and effective

• For all age types

• Easy to put on and take off

• Nice lavender fragrance


• Your kitty may be reluctant to have it around her neck

• Takes a long time to work on

• Its powder is visible on kitties, having a darker shade

4. NurtureCALM 24/7 Feline Calming Pheromone Collar

This collar is the first choice of most vets, since it releases pheromones throughout the day, therefore, calming down your pets, soothingly. Perfect for traveling and can be tied over to both, cats and dogs. Plus, your pet isn’t going to have any side-effects after using it. Hurrah!!!

Product Information

Manufacturer: NatureCalm

Targeted For: Both cats and dogs

Batteries Required: No

Ingredients: Pheromones 6%, inert ingredients 94%

Price: $13.99


Its size is about 15 inches, which means, it is effective for both cats and dogs

• Lasts up to 30 days

• Great for traveling

• Natural ingredients with 6% of pheromones

• Mild scent


• These collars don’t have a break-away buckle, so you need to adjust it accordingly

• May does not suit some kitties

5. Comfort Zone Cat Calming Pheromone Collar, Anxiety And Stress Relief Aid

Coming with a break-away feature, it saves your cats from getting entangled. Infused with natural ingredients, having soothing and calming properties, this collar is a win-win winner when it comes to treating anxiety and stress

Product Description

Brand Name: Comfort Zone

Targeted For: Tamed Cats

Warranty: 100% money-back guarantee

Allergen Information: Yam-free



Works effectively to overcome anxiety

• No strong scent of lavender

• Portable and on-the-go collar

• Perfect for indoors and outdoors


• A bit pricey

• May does not work on aggressive kitties


It has to be borne in mind, that different product have different effects on kitties, some are beneficial, while some pose a health risk for your pets. We recommend you to take expert advice regarding them.

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