Air Transport

Pet travel agency provides air transportation services for pets moving within United States to locations across the state… or the globe.

Focusing on your pet’s safety and comfort, our pet transportation specialists help you with every detail:

      • Itineraries and flight arrangements for pets
      • Ground transportation of pets
      • Travel crates
      • Overnight boarding
      • Health certificates and travel documents
      • Identification and labeling
      • Compliance with pet transportation regulations of various agencies

Relocating pets requires careful planning and expert logistics. Emphasizing safety and comfort, we navigate the regulations, manage the paperwork and handle your pet with gentle hands and a soft voice.

Why use

Convenience is not the only reason to use a professional pet shipper. Knowing that every detail is being properly addressed is even a higher priority. Seeking the expertise of a professional can assure you peace of mind.

Inexperienced shippers will face complicated regulations. Did you know that regulations are set by the United States Department of Agriculture AND that individual airlines can set their own regulations for domestic travel? Do you realize international travel will have additional regulations set by consulates, customs and quarantine agencies? Are you aware that each of these policy setting agencies are free to change any policy they deem necessary and change it as often as they choose with no notice to the consumer?

None of these policy-setting agencies are required to govern the other. That means that not even the airline is required to share with you all of the set requirements needed to assure a smooth relocation of your pet.

Pets attempted to be shipped without ALL of the required regulations set by each of these individual agencies are subject to being:

      • Denied flying on their scheduled flight
      • Refused entry at the destination airport, and returned to their original origin
      • Not released from the airport after arrival
      • Put into unnecessary quarantine stations

Shipments with these types of complications are always upsetting for the pets’ family. These shipments can then become difficult or impossible to fix and are almost always very costly. goes to great lengths to make sure that your pets travel is stress free. is in constant communication with all policy making agencies; we work with them on daily bases. We confirm current airline regulations with every flight booked and know the best routing and aircraft available for pet travel. Our crate labeling system insures that your pet gets to the correct destination. We track the travel and confirm your pets’ safe arrival. In the unlikely event of an unforeseen circumstance we will know what to do and notify you immediately. works hand in hand with the pets’ owner to address each pets individual needs. We communicate with the pets owners at length so that there will be no unexpected surprises along the way.

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