Traveling Supplies

Like you, we are concerned for your pet’s safety and comfort during transportation. The airlines share this concern, and their regulations reflect it. Through years of experience, has learned what kind of crate is safe and comfortable for your pet and fulfills airline regulations.

It is essential that your pet travel in a crate of the correct size and type. Certain carriers – even if accepted by some airlines – do not give your pet adequate protection. For example, we don’t ship adult cats in crates that are under 15 inches high or in wire top-loading crates. We wouldn’t ship our own pets in these carriers, and we won’t ship your dog or cat in a crate that we consider inadequate. has all sizes of approved crates for sale at competitive prices.

These crates have extra safety features, and we will ensure the correct fit.

     • Rear-side ventilation allows maximum air circulation.
Door pin protectors prevent accidental opening.
• Horizontal support pin in larger models latches for added
security and strength.

Your pet must be able to stand, sit and turn around comfortably in the crate. To ensure a good fit, our pet travel experts will ask you for your dog’s breed and current weight. We may also ask you for your pet’s measurements.

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