Why A Pet Transport Company May Be Your Best Bet

Want to move away with your pet? Want to take your furry friend on a trip? How about choosing a pet transport service to take your friends away? Sounds great!!! A task seems perfect when executed by the professionals, and for this reason, we recommend you to hire a pet transport service to carry away your pets.

We know that moving away with your pets may seem a tedious task for newbies as they are unaware of how to transport their pets. But no worries, since we bring to you some handy tips and tricks to take your pet away. The right transport service will guide you on how to travel with your pet, through extensive guidance via its expert team members.

They will guide you on how to handle your pets as well as pet grooming, whether you are using land, air, or sea routes to take your furry pal away. Traveling with your pet is a very pleasant experience for pet owners and the animal.

After all, it is possible to share new experiences and pleasant moments in different places, changing your routine, and strengthening the bonds of friendship. But, for the trip to be a total success, it is essential to pay attention to the transport of animals.

There are rules to be followed and care that needs to be taken for the pet to arrive safely at the destination. Conditions vary widely according to the type of flight and also the airline. Therefore, it is necessary to be attentive to proceed correctly. So let’s examine some precautionary measures that you may take whilst travel with them.

Love your Pets

Just as the transport of children in the car deserves special care by drivers, the movement of pets in vehicles also follows certain rules that result in more safety. The most correct is to transport pets inside the vehicle, in the back seat or the trunk, in a transport box or a cage, depending on the species, always paying attention not to impair the driver’s visibility and be careful with the comfort and safety of the animal.

Transporting them in the front seats, or even on a passenger’s lap, is not only dangerous, but it also is against the law and results in an infraction, and may endanger your and your pet’s lives. Free animals can jump out of the window, divert the driver’s attention, and may cause an accident. And this is the reason, why we recommend hiring the services of a pet transport company.

Groom Your Pets

You would like to groom your pets for traveling with you, but what if you are short of time? Ahh, no sweating!!! Because a pet transport company also renders its services to groom your pet as per travel requirements, and will also provide animal cages and pet movers to ease your tensions.

Be Prepared

Whether you are traveling with your pet via road, or by an airplane, you should have vaccinated your pet before the journey, and don’t forget to include necessary documents of your pets.

Hire Services Of A Pet Transport Company

We recommend you to hire the services of a pet transport company that caters to all of your needs, and of stays comfortable with your pets. Some of the services offered by pet transport companies are:

  • Reservation of short or long stays in specialized hotels.
  • Provide suitable transport cages for your animal.
  • Obtain authorizations and specific documentation.
  • Reserve booking during quarantine periods, in specialized hotels, whenever mandatory.
  • Proceed with internal or external deworming treatments.
  • Perform blood tests when requested by concerned authorities.
  • A microchip for your pets
  • Organize air transport, including reservations.
  • Provide transportation from your home to the airport, to ensure the safety of your furry friends.
  • Documents Required For The Transport Of Animals

When you travel, you need to carry several documents ( related to your furry friends ), right? This is no different for dogs and cats: they must also be provided with certain documentation when traveling with their owners.

These documents vary according to the chosen destination, especially when it comes to national and international trips. Besides, depending on the country you want to go to, you need to observe the specific rules of the place, as there are also variations in some. In the case of international traveling, the documents requested for the transport of animals can vary considerably.

Therefore, it is important to inquire beforehand to be sure of what will be needed and to provide this documentation before the date of departure. Here are some of the documents that are requested by the authorities.

International Animal Health Certificate

Also called CZI, the document is issued by the official health service to certify the animal’s good health and to ensure that it can move in a flight. To get the CZI, you need to take the pet to the veterinarian and evaluate it. When you hire the services of a pro transport company, they will guide you through the complete process. So no need to worry .

General Tips For Traveling By Road

Some animals, like cats, are terrified of change. If this is the case for your animal, the adaptation should be done slowly. First, the animal must get used to staying in a stationary car. When he feels better, it’s time to try to use your seat belt or carrying case. And only then try to ride the car.

Leave the window open to get air, but only halfway, so that the animal does not want to leave the car.

Never transport the animal in the front seat.

If you are going to take the transport box in the trunk, remove the lid so that there is no shortage of air.

If you transport the animal with the appropriate seat belt, line the place where it will stay. Some pet transport services provide hygienic mats, which absorb urine, and other types of protectors for the vehicle.

Before transporting animals, seek guidance from an expert transport company, and trust me, the right transport service is going to be your best bet.

Your Best Bet

You should consider talking to your veterinarian before taking your pet on a journey. The next thing you should do, is to hire the services of a pet transport company, as it will not only make your trip worth enjoying but can also guide you on how to make your pet comfortable. And yes, you should be prepared to spend some dollars to hire their services, because a pro is always better than a rookie.

The experience of their team allows you to streamline the process, because they will offer you an integrated, personalized, and turnkey services, at the expense of merely a few dollars. You will also have the guarantee that your very special furry family member/ members will quickly meet you at the destination, with all the comfort and security.


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